Attention Athletes: Foot Pain? It May Be Time For A Sport Insole

There is usually a great emphasis placed on the problems runners and joggers face with foot, ankle and knee pain, common side effects of the sport itself. But what about the walkers and tennis players? There are many athletes out there wearing running, walking and tennis shoes, collectively known as sports or athletic shoes, that are suffering from many conditions associated with their beloved activity. But fear not, FORM’s Maximum Support line of athletic shoe inserts may be just the remedy you need to resolve whatever pain and discomfort issues you are experiencing.

Our line of Maximum Support sports shoe insoles are meant to compliment the structure and support of your shoe. As any one of these athletes can attest to, whether running or playing a competitive game of tennis, aches and pain often comes with the territory. But it doesn’t have to! Our Maximum Support sports shoe insole should meet a few basic and necessary needs:

  • FORM Maximum Support sports inserts provide extra cushion, decreasing the shock to the bones and joints of the foot, legs, knees and back. Did you know the foot contains the most bones of any other part of the body? Care and protection to this important area is crucial for maximal health.
  • FORM Maximum Support athletic shoe inserts will provide the support needed to the foot, especially the arch. Sometimes, the arch may be injured or torn during activity. Our specially designed Maximum Support sports inserts support the arch, giving it the rest it needs and taking pressure off the sore muscle.
  • FORM Maximum Support sports shoe inserts have specially designed heel cups that help prevent slippage, especially if you are running on a steep trail, walking on various terrain, or lobbing the ball to your teammate over the net, by ensuring a better fit.
  • FORM Maximum Support sports shoe insert helps decrease the chances of developing bruises and aches, often leading the athlete to take time away from the activity they love. Who wants to decrease their active lifestyle because of a foot problem?

The entire line of FORM Maximum Support sports insoles provide the durability, strength, cushioning and comfort for all your needs. They decrease injuries or help prevent one before it strikes. Additionally, they contain a layer of Temperweave, which controls foot moisture and odor. Excess moisture leads to slippage and blisters – two things no athlete wants to experience. Try a Maximum Support sports insole and get back on the trails or the tennis court or wherever your feet take you in style and comfort.

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